The Group

The Grupo Print Laser is today the largest variable data company in Latin America, providing solutions in digital and printed communication for the financial, telecommunications, retail,insurance and credit industries.

Our business goal and commitment is to generate value in the printed and electronic relationship channel of our clients.

Since its foundations, an ever present trait at Grupo Print Laser was the innovation and pioneering DNA in the Brazilian variable data market.

These were the fundamental pillars that made us reach 20 years of history, proud of being recognized as a reference in the segment and for conquering this spot of distinguishment and leadership.

Who We Are

Our History

Between the years 2000 and 2001, when new information technology and communication companies emerged during the so-called “internet bubble", Grupo Print Laser, concerned about the future of transactional documents, created a document portal, Ezpay.

This company arises out of the pioneering vision that printed documents would gradually migrate to the electronic world. However, society was not culturally prepared for this transition, and the digital technology and safety available at that time were not sufficient. Thus, Ezpay kept awaiting the evolution of this scenario to then make its move.

In 2009, inserted in a much more mature context for the management of digital documents, TPi emerges, positioned today in the market as Print Laser Digital.

Who We Are

Print Laser Digital is an integral company of Grupo Print Laser as a result of the engagement and research process consolidation for the Group insertion in the digital market, fruit of the experience and competence of professionals in the segment of printing and electronic management of transactional documents.

Currently Print Laser Digital works with clients from the financial, telecommunications, and insurance industries. The care and commitment that the management of electronic transactional documents requires make Print Laser Digital search the best and greatest data sending and storage software among its partners and suppliers.

With a deliverability rate close to 100% – 99.6% – an average of 1.5 million emails is sent per month. The actual storage in our database is 15 million documents, and 200 thousand of these documents are accessed for reference every month. Mobility confers a never-seen-before dynamic to information. Transactions that previously required a computer are now possible via a mobile device.

Accompanying this reality, Print Laser Digital has solutions with accessibility in different interfaces. The expectation is of expressive growth of technology use and digital inclusion, which will directly impact how companies interact with their clients. Print Laser Digital understands this perspective and invests in the latest in safety for digital delivery of documents and in platforms that will enable the use of new digital media.

Products and Solutions

Unlike the existing limitations in the creation of a document that will only be printed, the digital world allows interactivity. Among Print Laser Digital concerns lies the building of documents that will bear all safety standards, but have elements of interactivity and mobility required by the digital world; elements such as the access via different mobile devices, the inclusion of navigation resources to make use easier, and the concern about the file size, among others.

The user expects all the convenience and practicality of the digital world. And that is what Print Laser Digital can offer through specific tools to generate interactive and digital documents with a quality standard: HP Exstream, GMC Print Net, Doc One.

The solution for sending safe emails comprehends the firing of the email until the traceability of the delivery, thus assuring the client received the document.

There are a number of concerns when the subject is sending a safe email. The platform used presents technical and methodology elements used and imposed in email sending projects so that it reaches the highest rate of deliverability possible. In order to assure high-performance delivery in this world of critical mission, Print Laser Digital united with a great solution, and is today an exclusive representative of Striata in Brazil. This partner has more than 12 years of technology development to deliver safe emails, with a praised platform.


• Billcheckout: Validation and assurance of quality in the billing process;

• Smart Sampling: Module of statistical and heuristic sampling integrated with Billcheckout;

• ISC (Invoice Smart Center): Generator of electronic invoices and balances (PDF, HTML, Excel, etc.);

• Third-Party Products: Added value products for the value chain of OSS/BSS


• Solutions integration and design;

• Applications customization and development;

• Software factory;

• Support;

• Operation;

• Consulting in billing processes.

The document storage and presentation solution is a service offered by Print Laser Digital, using a robust software and hardware architecture, with the goal of providing the client the possibility of storing documents in a safe environment with high availability and safety in addition to enabling the presentation of these documents via integration with the client portal or by developing a proper portal for this purpose.

The solution contemplates the necessary technological infrastructure to maintain the services operational 24/7 with technical support via email and phone.

The service of attribute enhancement is a solution offered by Print Laser Digital with the partnership of database marketing companies, which enables the purchase of attributes, such as email, address, gender, consumer profile, among others, using the client’s CPF [Individual taxpayer number] or CNPJ [National directory of legal entities].

Thus, it is possible to enhance the email base aiming at an improvement in the delivery quality and also an increasing of service offers for the end customers. On the other hand, email cleansing is an additional solution available in the platform of sending emails, which analyzes the client’s e-mail base and validates all syntaxes in accordance with the Good Practice of W3C, generating, as a result, an analytical report of the inconsistencies found.

Why Digital?

EDD stands for Electronic Document Delivery.

The sending of transactional documents may be performed as a substitute to paper, in an electronic manner, with direct sending to the client's email box or availability via portals with safety and confidentiality.

The document has information that its paper version must bring with the possibility of inclusion of interactive functionality optional items to facilitate attracting to navigation; elements such as opinion survey, form, data export to other formats, marketing campaigns, etc.

Print Laser Digital offers products and services that widen the online channel and complement the communication strategy of the company with its clients. The transactional documents are protected by safety mechanisms and high-performance capacity of deliverability and traceability.

• To reduce the delivery time;

• To reduce the payment time;

• To deliver in emails & mobile devices;

• To reduce costs with paper, printing and posting fees;

• To provide convenience;

• To improve the security (to combat phishing);

• To measure the client’s behavior.

• Electronic consent for paper suppression;

• Technical solution and robust and reliable operation for the scale;

• A “better than paper” experience;

• Synchronized adherence campaigns in the various communication channels.

• Do not register proactively;

• Do not want to access one website for each account;

• Forget their login and password;

• Contact the call center more often for help.


• Require high marketing costs for adoption and access;

• Are not mobile device-friendly;

• Usually require 7 to 24 clicks to view and pay their documents.

• The average of paper suppression with Portals is 6% after 3 years.

• Does not require a registration via Portal;

• Does not require users and passwords;

• Does not require visiting a Mobile-specific Portal;

• Does not require the download of an application;

• Does not require the download of any software;

• Enables the use in any PC, tablet or smartphone.

• Layout and diagramming techniques;

• SPF Records;



• Customization;

• Encrypted documents;

• Offline package;

• Sender Score Certified.


To contact our commercial department and get further information about our products and solutions, please call +55 11 4688 7500, or fill out the form below.


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